Please help us support these real superheroes battling deadly rare diseases

As you know, we are not only passionately working to provide utmost happiness to our amazing customers every day, but we are equally passionate about supporting a number of live-changing causes for free. Helping kids battling deadly rare diseases is particularly precious to us. Over 7000 rare diseases are known today with a total of more than 25 million patients in North America alone. However, there are virtually no specific medications available since each rare disease by itself is considered non-profitable in terms of ‘market size’.
Seeing 4-8 year olds fight for their lives has certainly changed my life. Can you imagine how much happiness we can jointly create by helping these little super heros and their loved ones win their battles? That is the big dream driving us in supporting AMC. We hope you can join us.


The power of a single voice on Twitter

It is always amazing to see how much impact one quality voice can have. The example below is particularly intriguing as it shows how quickly organizations that care about the voices of their customers react – not just with words but with immediate action. Respect.

That’s a key reason for why we created SoapBox Viral – imagine how much positive impact YOUR voice can have if you have a quality audience that listens…


Have You Discovered The Beautiful Land Beyond The Noise?

We love how much positive impact we all can have with Twitter and are poised to help as many great people and organizations as possible to discover what we call “The Beautiful Land Beyond The Noise On Twitter”.

Change always starts with a first step out of the known and into a new world of wonder.

Imagine the New You connecting with dozens of new amazing people every day, learning how to use your growing voice to make a lasting difference – and thrive.

Imagine the New You not as a ‘marketing target’ but as an active influencer – to create more happiness all around you.

Change always starts with a voice that is being heard. A voice first faint but then ever stronger. Others starting to share and amplify the voice – not because they are made to – but because they want to.

Imagine The New You being part of a rapidly growing league of people recognizing that they can make a lasting difference by helping each other be heard.

That is the dream behind SoapBox Viral – not just another advertising platform seeing you as a ‘target’ – but a powerful environment built on mutual trust for millions of amazing people to connect and help each other create sustainable happiness.

Change always starts with a first step out of the known and into a new world of wonder – do you dare? I so much hope so.



Welcome to SoapBox Viral™

I will never forget the day when SoapBox was born…

… when it rose from a small experimental project based on a dream to become something that started to change the lives of people all over the world for the better.

I will never forget the responses of our first supporters on Twitter, the first video calls with amazing people that the day before we did not even know existed, and the first signups by our first amazing customers.

And then, through many challenges, sweat, and tears scaling SoapBox up, just when we thought we understood the extent of what it could do, “Matter More” changed everything once again. We had finally found a way to express what SoapBox allowed people and their businesses to achieve in two simple words.

It is hard to express in words what SoapBox means to me – it is a dream come true, a passion, it is a continuous source of inspiration for our other projects, it helps amazing people, businesses, and the planet to flourish – and what could be better than that?

So, what makes SoapBox so special? It all started with the liberating real-time power of Twitter allowing people all over the world to connect with anybody anytime, instantly see what others have to say and start conversations about topics of their choice whenever they like. However, besides of all the quality people and content on Twitter, there is also a lot of noise creating challenges to hear and be heard by the right people. And that is exactly what we worked so hard on to overcome.

SoapBox Viral makes it possible for you to tune into quality whenever you like using all new real-time analytics, helping you to cut through the noise, instantly see the essence, connect with the best people and their content at the best times, and consequently be heard when you have something important to say.

To make all that easy and fun to use, we designed SoapBox Viral as a cloud app that combines a number of exclusive innovations wrapped in a seamless experience (with more to come):

ViralConnect™ lets you rapidly network with SoapBox Viral League members and other amazing like-minded people and organizations on Twitter:
ViralBoost™ lets you reward others for helping you spread your word and thus introduces a whole new world of quality collaboration and co-creation via Twitter:
… and see your important tweets gain much more attention …

VoiceView™ gives you an instant analysis of the latest, most popular tweets by any person or any searchable topic on Twitter:

PrimeTweets™ lets you send your tweets at the times most likely to reach your audience. In contrast to other approaches, SoapBox Viral continually finds and optimizes these times for you personally – not just generally:

I will never forget the great feeling starting SoapBox Viral’s final rollout countdown on Independence Day – Fourth of July 2014 – there simply could not have been a more fitting context.

It has been an amazing journey and we look very much forward to seeing you getting on your SoapBox Viral and changing the world for the better. Matter More!

All the best,