vtricity Services

Every single one of our services and solutions is designed to exceed expectations through magnificent triple win results.

Whether by designing transformational mobile experiences, creating next generation cloud services and apps, inventing and licensing high tech innovations, or by providing top notch business consulting services – we love to help you make your project truly transformational!

One of our key differentiators and passions is transformational Empathic Design, particularly including

  • B2B2C Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Feedback & Data Capture
  • Reflection, Analysis & Simplification
  • Rapid Prototyping & Customer Validation
  • Holistic Brand Strategy
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We excel in the following technologies that allow us to rapidly create super scalable, super efficient cloud app solutions:

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Being very well connected in the Valley with 15 years of in-depth experience and relationships, we provide Silicon Valley Trend Scouting and Innovation Coaching Services for inspired organizations that like to jumpstart their next growth curve.

We also continually add to our cutting-edge intellectual property portfolio and create unique triple win licensing opportunities.

While most of our patent pending innovations are still confidential, here are currently available patents for licensing:

  • Next generation IoT real-time intelligence exchange

Last but not least, drawing from our extensive IP experience, we provide IP Innovation Consulting Services for businesses that want to take their intellectual property portfolios to the next level.


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