Multiplying Your Voice – Announcing SoapBox

Welcome to SoapBox

You are driven, have a voice, ideas, a business or services that can help others have a better life. You wish more amazing people could hear what you have to say. So do we.
Welcome to SoapBox – a new, breathtaking, simple, transformative service to find amazing people on Twitter that want to hear your voice.

We call it because whenever two amazing people connect, a Zamba moment is happening – very much like that precious, timeless moment when people enjoy dancing together.

We call it SoapBox because it will lift you up so that more amazing people can see you, hear you, follow you.

Dare to imagine: You – connected with 100, 1,000, or even 10,000 more amazing followers on Twitter.

10,000 more voices heard. 10,000 more dreams resonate. Endless opportunities arise.

This is our dream for you, this is what we stand for, and this is what SoapBox is all about. And the best of all: SoapBox has been delivering truly amazing results throughout its extended trials – and it is just getting started…


Thank you so very much to all the amazing people that helped us get this far.
Thank you for holding on to the dream.
Thank you for testing, sharing and growing with us.

We will be talking much more about you, the amazing people already connected through SoapBox and their amazing stories, in the weeks and months to come.

I am very happy and proud to announce SoapBox today.

When will you start your success story?

Give SoapBox a spin and be amazed.

Peter Ebert

Peter Ebert, on behalf of our team and all of our amazing friends and supporters – you have made the dream come true!

… stay tuned for many more amazing experiences …
When will you start your success story?

Give SoapBox a spin and be amazed.

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