SoapBox Platinum Presence™ – Now with a simple on-switch

Last week, we ran the latest numbers across all our SoapBox Platinum Presence™ customers – and they were simply amazing. In fact, they were so good that we published some anonymized success stories on our home page for you to enjoy.

Based on extensive customer research, we now put all our Twitter experience, passion and exclusive predictive analytics cloud solutions behind one simple on-switch. Switch it on, tweet, enjoy your busy life, while we promote you in the background – with exceptional success. As simple as that. Enjoy!

If you haven’t experienced Platinum Presence™ yet, you should definitely take advantage of our limited time specials.

Be yourself. Be happy. And never forget to share your Happiness. It will come back 1,000 times.


and you?

Please help us support these real superheroes battling deadly rare diseases

As you know, we are not only passionately working to provide utmost happiness to our amazing customers every day, but we are equally passionate about supporting a number of live-changing causes for free. Helping kids battling deadly rare diseases is particularly precious to us. Over 7000 rare diseases are known today with a total of more than 25 million patients in North America alone. However, there are virtually no specific medications available since each rare disease by itself is considered non-profitable in terms of ‘market size’.
Seeing 4-8 year olds fight for their lives has certainly changed my life. Can you imagine how much happiness we can jointly create by helping these little super heros and their loved ones win their battles? That is the big dream driving us in supporting AMC. We hope you can join us.