Please help us bring literacy to 250 million kids with the Global Learning XPRIZE

We are thrilled to announce our strong, passionate support of the Global Learning XPRIZE that was launched today, with our CEO Peter Ebert among a group of hand-picked XPRIZE Vanguards.

For those who don’t know about XPRIZE, it is a unique nonprofit organization striving to make the impossible possible. They have tackled some of the world’s grandest challenges. This includes private spaceflight, 100 MPGe cars, oil-cleanup technology and most recently, competitions to go back to the Moon, address ocean acidification, and revolutionize healthcare.

Today, the all new Global Learning XPRIZE was just launched. This is a $15 million competition to create Open Source software that will teach a child to read, write, and perform basic numeracy within 18 months without the aid of a teacher. This XPRIZE is not designed to replace teachers, but to provide an educational solution where little or none exists.

According to UNESCO figures, 250 million kids in the world today lack basic literacy skills. As you can imagine, this XPRIZE could have a profound impact on these kids and bringing nations out of poverty. You can find out more at

An important part of this XPRIZE is a crowdfunding campaign that they are running to raise an additional $500,000 that will go towards furthering the impact and success of the prize. This money will go towards additional testing of the finalist’s technologies with more kids in more villages and towns, building infrastructure to help teams collaborative effectively, growing a global community of developers, designers, advocates and more, and investing in an open technology platform for society that will live on long past the conclusion of this XPRIZE.

We believe this is a tremendously valuable XPRIZE, and we would like to personally encourage you to contribute what you can at – there are a range of perks that might capture your interest too.

Please also help us to spread the word through your networks and by sharing these visuals: Global Learning XPRIZE Posters.

Many thanks!

Team vtricity

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